Author: Ron

“Thursday” by The Weeknd

  It’s here! We’ve waited all summer long for The Weeknd to drop this mixtape on us. So go ahead, click the link, and download this joint. Also, while we don’t endorse drug use here at, this is The Weeknd, so you won’t be judged for what substances you choose to use while listening.   Download “Thursday” by The… Read more →

Get a Spotify account with Sprite!

  So recently, I discovered this awesome site called Spotify. You can listen to millions of songs for free, even hard to find songs. Unfortunately, you have to wait for an invite. Luckily, Sprite is giving away invites for free. All you have to do is submit your e-mail and you’ll have an invite! Link is below Spotify with Sprite Read more →

{Spotlight} Interview with Gleams

I recently had the opportunity to interview Gleams. For those who don’t know, Gleams is an up and coming MC from NY, who’s gained quite a following on Twitter. He’s even caught the eye of Joe Budden. Check out who inspires him, who’d he like to work with, and why he loves hip hop in this exclusive interview.   Ron:… Read more →

“House of Balloons” by The Weeknd

This mixtape is HOT! Some of the best R&B out there. I didn’t know Canadians could sing like this. I thought the cold would freeze they damn vocal cords (just like it froze Chris Bosh’s bones, so we didn’t see all those feminine ass movements.) Anywho, play this mixtape when you have a nice young lady with you and headboards… Read more →