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{Spotlight} The Come Up: @NessaSary88

Name: Vannessa Snell Alias: NessaSary Age: 23 (Jan 1st, 1988) Hometown: Vero Beach, Fl Twitter: @NesssaSary88 Shae asked NessaSary for a little background on herself; she replied: {Born in Vero Beach Fl, I was the first girl born in the New Year 1988. My mother was in a small hometown band with my father at the time, so… Read more →

@TheBlackL {Show Spotlight}

PRESS RELEASE/SHOW SYNOPSIS The Black L is a reality show that will film and document the daily lives of 4 dominant, female best friends seeking to make a positive mark on society, while striving to demystify negative stereotypes affecting the LGBT population.   From wild nights and relationships to overcoming the misconceptions that society places on the queer community   It’s… Read more →

[CLOSED] Win a $50 KarmaLoop Gift Certificate!

  In order to commemorate the launching of, we’re holding a special contest which will last until TUESDAY, JULY 12th @ 7PM! We will be rewarding the lucky winner with a $50 Gift Code to . All you have to do is comment ONCE below saying “GIVE ME THE GIFT CODE!” But, if you want to better your… Read more →

{Spotlight} Interview with Gleams

I recently had the opportunity to interview Gleams. For those who don’t know, Gleams is an up and coming MC from NY, who’s gained quite a following on Twitter. He’s even caught the eye of Joe Budden. Check out who inspires him, who’d he like to work with, and why he loves hip hop in this exclusive interview.   Ron:… Read more →

{Spotlight} M.E.R.C. & DJ A to the L – Daylight Marauders

This re-launch wouldn’t be complete without broadcasting my support and love for Tallahasse’s music scene. I present to you a tribute mixtape to the classic, timeless Tribe album. Press Release (Curtesy of Stess The Emcee’s Blog) “Longtime contributors to the Tallahassee Hiphop scene, M.E.R.C. and DJ A to the L have appeared and performed at many events throughout the city.… Read more →