Gunplay is Fun…

Just listened to the Gunplay album “Living Legend.” (so many people have used this title we gone have to grab the thesaurus and use another word for legend… anyways)  Being a familiar with Gunplay and wanting to hear this album off the strength of his “Power Circle” verse and “Bogata Rich” Mixtape I knew what I was getting into.  Drugs, street savy, relentlessness this is one of the albums I wanted to hear simply because I wouldn’t have to dig deep to get what was going on.  The album comes on and you just gotta vibe with it don’t fight the feeling.  If you at work put this on in your head phones and power through that busy work.  This album is very entertaining because if you ain’t know GUNPLAY CAN RAP!!!  Some standouts in my opinion.


Hilarious just make it to the 3rd verse and the last bar…. ha debut album unloading the choppa

Ridiculous Hook in the Headphones


Anyways check out that Gunplay its good times.


Written by Treez


A renaissance rapper, music historian, and malt liquor connoisseur, if you can dig that.