Showing Up Late To The Court… Still Balling…


Ok I don’t want nobody to say anything on this next one.  I know I’m late but in my defense I liked the song and had shared it before I knew that it was already a thing.  I’m speaking of none other than “White Iverson” by Post Malone the song is everywhere right now (except the terrestrial radio in our area but I’m sure our late ass radio will get there and proceed to kill the song thanks in advance.)  Anyways the song is some new age kind of sing song rap that people like me get drunk to and start singing.  This song is tailor made for my best friend to sing in the vip section or some kick back shamelessly until I join in.  Without further adieu….


Written by Treez


A renaissance rapper, music historian, and malt liquor connoisseur, if you can dig that.