Black Blogger Network Features WhaChuShae!

It feels amazing to know that people recognize and respect the hard work I put into this site. I put time into WhaChuShae because readers deserve a non bias experience when it comes to music. The main focus of my site originally was to just be geared towards the hiphop underground scene. Now it is my goal to give ANY young entrepnuer an outlet to broadcast their talent here.


I am so honored That BBN (Black Blogger Network) visited my site and liked it enough to ask me if I wanted to be featured. This experience has made this all worth it. So many people will try to discourage and undermine your dreams and asperations. This feature is my “I AM HERE” moment and NO ONE can take it away.

Sending love and positivity to all the supporters and artists that constantly visit and leave feedback. I especially want to thank

For always being there. These people Support HEAVY and believe in the movement WhaChuShae can make. I love you all and I am forever indebted to you. If I somehow forgot to mention someone, hold it to my mind and and not my heart. I appreciate EVERYTHING no matter how big or small.
Love and Light.

October 11, 2011. Today is a GREAT day.

Written by SHAKEY


A woman who is a lover of everything music related.