{Album Review} Nia Janae “Fighter”


First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to Nia Janae for giving me a heads up on the issues with the production. Despite the disclaimer, it took a while for me to get past the first 30seconds of each track. The quality clouded the talent that she is blessed with. I can’t think of any aspect of the engineering process that was carried out correctly. The levels on certain tracks made it almost unbearable to sit through. The beats are muffled and her vocals are piercing to the ear. I would definitely suggest scrapping who ever you have in charge of the mixing and mastering your material. These issues took away from your project and hurt it tremendously.

Concepts/ Track Flow:

When listening to “Fighter”, I felt she told her story well. The tracks are ordered nicely and complimented her theme. She cleverly touches on topics that women can relate to and understand. She gives you insight on her childhood, relationships and other obstacles she has faced. The lyrics make this album personal and intimate. You get to know Nia Janae throughout the entire project. It was a pleasant surprise to find out she wrote the entire album, very impressive.


Undeterred by the production, Nia Janae is a talented young woman. I can tell she has a great natural voice. Her imperfections in her vocal ability are what I loved the most. She does not have a cookie cutter sound. No one is perfect and I encourage her to continually push herself, helping to develop her pitch, resonance, tone etc.



All in all, this is definitely worth a listen. But, I wouldn’t suggest pushing this project heavily until the production issues are addressed. You have a decent project but I doubt a DJ, Radio personality or label exec would take it seriously. I believe you are capable of blowing minds, and if you continue to be a fighter you will get there. After reading your email I commend you on “finishing” this album, seems like you truly had to grind to get it put together. I respect anyone who pushes through struggles and accomplishes the goals they’ve set.  I wish you and your movement the best of luck in all of your endeavors and I look forward to hearing more from you. Thanks for submitting the album for review.


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Written by SHAKEY


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