{Album Review} @YoungScolla Meets SMKA “Seconds Away”

I’ve been following Young Scolla’s work for a while now. I was first introduced to his music in the Who Dat Music show; It is something I will never forget. He submitted “Infatuation” ft. K-Bunz, which is one of my favorite tracks from him. Since then, Scolla has dropped a few projects and his growth has been undeniable. I respect him as an artist because of his dedication to greatness. This man is truly talented and very versatile. He raps, he sings and he’s back with his newest release Seconds Away.


“The LP is the next chapter in Young Scolla’s story. The life he lives, the music he creates, and the passion in which it is all delivered will be a breath of fresh air for music fans.”

You Download Seconds Away for free via his new site YoungScolla.com


Seconds Away is produced entirely by SMKA and sounds great. But if you’ve heard of SMKA then you know its amazing. Scolla takes pride in the sound quality of his releases and it shows. This project features some of the best beats I’ve ever heard him on. The SMKA, Scolla collaboration was a great move and it birthed something wonderful.

Concepts/Track Flow

Scolla takes you into his world effortlessly with each track. As you walk through the journey that is Seconds Away you can’t help but appreciate his motivating and inspiring words. This 14 track LP is an easy listen and has a nice laid back vibe to it. I get emotional when I listen to great music, classics will do that to you. But I can honestly say it takes A LOT for me to shed tears when I hear something. Reflection, did it. I will not get on a soapbox or rave too much, just listen to the track. Hear him, feel him.


I love the way he grabs your attention in his verses. Although, on some of the tracks his flow came off a little lazy and disconnected. It wasn’t to the point where it felt forced, just a tad bit rocky. His words were dope nonetheless. Scolla puts your soul at ease with Fade Away. I’ve always loved his singing voice, so this R&B track hit the spot. So melodic and refreshing. I would love to hear more material like this.



Seconds Away is a dope LP and is a great addition to his discography. But Prelude To Perfection remains my favorite. Scolla continues to show different sides of himself with each musical release. He’s not to be compared to these “catchy hook” rappers. If you’re a fan of artists such as Talib Kweli or Lupe you’ll respect and enjoy Young Scolla’s material.

I wish you and your movement the best of luck in all of your endeavors and I look forward to hearing more from you.

Personal Favorites

  • Fade Away
  • Reflection
  • Viva La Greatness

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Written by SHAKEY


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