{Spotlight} M.E.R.C. & DJ A to the L – Daylight Marauders

This re-launch wouldn’t be complete without broadcasting my support and love for Tallahasse’s music scene.

I present to you a tribute mixtape to the classic, timeless Tribe album.

Press Release (Curtesy of Stess The Emcee’s Blog)

“Longtime contributors to the Tallahassee Hiphop scene, M.E.R.C. and DJ A to the L have appeared and performed at many events throughout the city. However the first occasion of them officially linking up occurred during the late summer of 2010 when M.E.R.C. was invited to appear at the A3C Hiphop festival in Atlanta – needing a DJ to hold down his performance, he reached out to A to the L, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Following this successful performance, the two agreed to work together more closely, and quickly came up with the idea of a mixtape collaboration with a difference. “It’s obvious that the mixtape game, just like Hiphop in general, has changed drastically over the years”, explains DJ A to the L. “We wanted to do something that stood out, something unique… so when M.E.R.C. suggested using A Tribe Called Quest as the basis of a project, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.”

With many of today’s artists dropping mixtapes and ‘freestyles’ over the same popular beats of this era, the use of A Tribe Called Quest’s classic 3rd album, “Midnight Marauders” as its foundation gives this project a vastly different sound to many other projects released this year. The original album has matured perfectly, maintaining its relevance on the landscape of Hiphop as a whole, despite the changing nature of the genre.

“With “Daylight Marauders” we wanted to show people that Hiphop in Tallahassee and Florida, is not just about the stereotypical 76 beats per minute southern tracks, or uptempo bass tracks”, M.E.R.C. continues. “There is a real Hiphop scene here, with talented artists who work hard to release quality music, and appreciate the history and culture of Hiphop.”
“The Tribe album is a timeless classic”, says A to the L. “There’s no way we could top that even if wanted to. But that is not what this project was about. We wanted to pay tribute to one of the greatest groups in the history of Hiphop, while at the same time displaying the skills of the 850’s Hiphop family. And I think we’ve done a good job of that.”

“Daylight Marauders” utilizes many of the instrumentals from the Tribe project, alongside original production work from M.E.R.C., Brandon*, DJ A to the L, and The ARE. Artists who contributed rhymes include Blazin’ 102.3’s Stess The Emcee, V89’s J.See, Kim D, Isreal, Duck 13, SBE, and Duck 13.”


MERC & DJ AtotheL explain “Daylight Marauders” from See Gee Films on Vimeo.


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