Sweet Juices Ft. Dawreck “F U Pay Me” Video

The only reason I am posting this song is because of the featured artist, Dawreck. He made the track in my opinion. When it comes to “Sweet Juices” I felt like the beginning was rocky, and forced. Kind of like that forced mean mug she tried to keep throughout the video. The visuals didn’t do it for me and neither did she. It may be because I was too focused on the weird look on her face to actually listen to her content. Who knows. I’ll update you guys on my thoughts, if they change. The overall concept of the song is tired. The “F U, PAY ME” horse has been beaten for far too long. If you’re going to use such a popular topic, try to bring something NEW to the table.

You all may have a different perspective, how do YOU like it?




Written by SHAKEY


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