Who Dat Music (@Seand1) & Wha Chu Shae Collaboration

First off I want to say thanks Sean D for agreeing to this collaboration.

Each and EVERY Wednesday Core DJ Sean D hosts a showcase for independent artists. The Who Dat Music Show, from 7pm-9pm he broadcasts live on BlogTV and we listen to submitted music. During this review the chat room is full of music artists, producers, DJs, promoters, bloggers and lovers of music. Everyone is encouraged to give feedback on each track and at the end, rate it. His constructive criticism is helpful to any and every artist that is willing to accept honest feedback. I’ve seen this show grow into something truly amazing and beneficial to the music scene. Being that I respect Sean’s platform and what he does for independent artists, how could I not want to incorporate him on WCS. As the “about” section states, WCS is all for everyone working together to build up the independent movement. We all have a common goal to get these talents recognized…..


Each week the artist with the highest overall votes will receive a front page spotlight. The spotlight post will include an artist profile (Picture, logo, bio, and contact information) as well as the winning song. The article will be blasted for a week to the 9,000+ followers of the WCS twitter.

I encourage you all to tune in wednesdays and take advantage of this platform. Not because I am affiliated, but because I believe in the moves it can and HAS made since it started. Artists are quick to say that DJ’s and record executes don’t listen. Here’s your chance to get your music heard and evaluated by one of the BEST DJs in the south along with other music professionals.

Send all LABELED MP3’s and artist contact info to whodatmusic[at]gmail[dot]com


Written by SHAKEY


A woman who is a lover of everything music related.