{REVIEW} “Broken Dreams & Promises” an EP from B. Del (@BD0TDEL)

 Leave it to B. Del to get me out of my writing funk. I came in contact with him about 2 or 3 years ago. A link of a u-stream broadcast scrolled my tumblr dash and I couldn’t resist. The talent that blessed my screen shocked me. There were 3 young, men RIPPING beats. Billy Ivan, B. Del and another guy were REALLY freestyling, an art many artists can’t wrap their hand around. HOURS of no written lines; strictly off the dome. I’ve been following each of them every since.

“A compilation of OLD songs written & recorded around the same time (2011), revolving around hardships & heartbreak. 
Welcome to this life of Broken Dreams and Promises…” – B. Del

     I don’t know If it is because I can relate to his words on this EP or what. But as soon as I pressed play, I was in his world. A very familiar world, close to home. The passion in his words are undeniable. Real emotions and raw feelings are laced in these tracks. B. Dell comes out the gate strong with the frost two tracks. Hands down my favorites of this release.  In track one he gives you a bit of singing at the end, but it left me wanting more. It seemed shy and timid. You can tell he can carry a note but I felt like he was holding back. Though 3 and 4 were a definitely fillers in my opinion. For a listener who really doesn’t pay attention to the concepts and lyrics of tracks those would be easily forgotten. He reels you back in with his Grenade feature. B. Del gives you something familiar and brings in his flair. That should have definitely been the last song. The bonus track Me & You threw me off. I would have placed it before or after track 3. Placed there he would have brought it in strong and end it with a bang.

     Production wise they were some inconsistencies throughout. But since I was so excited to listen to the project they didn’t catch my attention until the 2nd listen. Everyone knows I am a stickler for well produced and engineered projects. So the quality was a definite downer.

     Overall this project is decent. I say that only because the fillers weren’t strong enough to stand on their own. On a better note, I respect that he wanted to bring versatility. That is a tough task that he came just shy of completing. Would I recommend readers to listen? Yes. He touches subjects everyone can relate to and there is a connection to be made with his music. Since I was introduced to B. Del I’ve been waiting for a project from him. This is a great way to start off. Hopefully he will take all the feedback he receives and drops something bigger and better this year. I have faith that he will capture listeners with his words, they way he did me in that first broadcast. He is talented and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store for his audience.

B. Del, I appreciate you sending this EP to me and I’m so excited for you and squad. Good, bad or indifferent you will always have a supporter in me. Keep me posted on anything new!SB, No Nike


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Side Note: This review is not in my typical forced format due to me writing initial thoughts as I listened to the project. When I get the urge, I write. There is no format for spontaneous commentary.

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