Posted on May 19, 2012

[I'm true to this shit, I'm loyal man. Both feet in]

This track came at the right time. As soon as I opened my inbox the words “Pain Music” caught my eye. When I tell you Barry goes IN on this record, believe me. When the beat dropped, he had my full attention.

[That "back against the wall, give it my ALL, gotta GAIN" music]


There are times when tracks just capture you. His words still linger in my ears. You never know a person’s struggles or trials.

[I done sacrifice everything for this shit, you ni**as have no idea what I go through to get here. I make this shit happen]

Artists(I use that term VERY loosely) can go through their whole “career” and never speak on a message this real. This track is the epitome of why I support who I support in the music industry. This isn’t just a hobby, people LIVE for this shit. There are too many gimmick rappers making a joke out of an artistry that started off so pure and raw. So many artists are out here letting their soul BLEED on these mics and get looked over because of what is considered “hot”. I appreciate Barry Bondz for this track and it is my PLEASURE to have it on WCS. Can’t wait until the video comes out!


“This is one of the new records off of my new EP “Redemption”. This EP is about tearing down the commercial walls of music & me not compromising my sound for this music world anymore. The mp3 is called “Pain Music”. The video will be released soon.”- B.Bondz

B. Bondz - Pain Music


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B. Bondz - Lean Wit It Freestyle

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[Take that risk and you take that loss. Do what you do and pay that cost.]



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