{Spotlight} Interview with Gleams

I recently had the opportunity to interview Gleams. For those who don’t know, Gleams is an up and coming MC from NY, who’s gained quite a following on Twitter. He’s even caught the eye of Joe Budden. Check out who inspires him, who’d he like to work with, and why he loves hip hop in this exclusive interview.


Ron: Introduce yourself. Who are you, how old are you, where are you from, etc.

Gleams: I go by Gleams, a 24 yr old dude from New York that happened to fall in love with hip hop/rap music and lifes ills.

Ron: How long have you been spitting rhymes? What made you want to become an MC?

Gleams: 9 yrs rapping. I took 6 of those to hone my skills till I THOUGHT I was ready to share my music. At first, I was inspired by the lifestyle and I also wanted to make music like the stuff I listened to. As time went by i began to hate the lifestyle and do it more for the music and to raise awareness around me, on top of being the best I can be musically.

Ron: Who are your inspirations in hip hop?

Gleams: The MC doing their thing regardless of the obstacles he or she must overcome.

Ron: Who do you like outside of hip hop? R&B, rock, jazz, etc.

Gleams: I listen to some Merengue, Salsa, Bachata (classic spanish music). I’m a huge John Lennon fan. I’m into theme songs, which can range from wrestling to your favorite shows or movies. Classic video game music. I’m into anything that’s inspiring or sounds dope to me.

Ron: Your career is still relatively young. What moment has occurred that made you say, “Damn. This is what I want to do with my life. Be an artist”?

Gleams: 9th grade, moms moved me to upstate New York because I was on a road to destruction Uptown in the Dyckman area. I wrote my first rhyme and since then people have been supportive. So everytime someone shows love it’s kinda like my marker as to when I KNOW this is what I want.

Ron: You got a chance to perform with one of your favorite MCs, Joe Budden. How was that experience?

Gleams: I went numb to all feelings when I was on stage next to him alone. When he passed me a microphone, I just knew what I had to do. One of, if not the best feeling ever, was on that stage with my FAVORITE rapper of all time.

Ron: Let’s imagine you have an album coming out soon. Who are 5 artist, MCs or singers, that you want as features? Who are 5 producers you want to give you beats?

Gleams: Artists – Budden, J. Cole, Nipsey Hussle, Lupe, and Big K.R.I.T. Producers – Black Milk, J. Cole, Charles Hamilton, @DarkNightMusic and @8Bars

Ron: Plug yourself. How can people contact you, hear your music, etc.

Gleams: www.THEGLEAMSSHOW.com is where i rest my head, musically and mentally. Click on the Twitter/Facebook/Youtube buttons on the side panel to get at me direct, or email me Tracks4Gleams@gmail.com


Thanks a lot to Gleams. Make sure y’all check his music out, and follow him on Twitter.

Written by Ron