@KayciAmour’s “Coming Back”

I’ve been meaning to post this track for about a month and a half. Cant believe it slipped my mind. Granted the quality isn’t up to my standards, but I adore Kayci Amour’s voice. Her imperfections are what draws me into her vocals. It works for her. The stacked vocals that gave the harmonizing effect gave me the open mic night, raw vibe.

As for the content, I believe every lady can relate. There will always be that ONE you can’t get away from.

The disappointment came when I realized I couldn’t find anymore content on the interwebs from Kayci. In my search for diversity and range I came up short. Hopefully I will receive some submissions from Kayci Amour in the near future. I’m intrigued and would LOVE to see what else she can bring to the table.

Written by SHAKEY


A woman who is a lover of everything music related.