{Music Review} Chane- It’s Over



The instrumentation of the track would have complimented the verses tremendously if it was implemented properly. The levels are all wrong. It may be due to the mic settings or the poor execution of the mix and mastering process. As for the beat, I can’t tell if that skip is intentional or the loop is off. It is extremely distracting. I suggest sending it out to be properly mixed and mastered by a professional before you push this single full force. (If you need help selecting an engineer I have the contact information to a few amazing people)


Despite the production, the point you are trying to convey came across well. It’s definitely a universal subject that everyone can relate to in some way. Didn’t catch much word play but that’s just a preference of mine, so I don’t hold it against your personal style.


Your flow is nice, this track doesn’t seem to let it shine though. I can definitely tell you were into it when recording from emphasis you put on the verses. Emotion wise, I can’t feel it. You came off hyped up but disconnected.



As is, the track is not something I personally would download and upload to my phone or iPod. But it has potential to be a great track. I would love to hear a final cut when or if you take my advice. We look forward to hearing more from you. I wish you and your movement the best of luck in all of your endeavors. Thanks for submitting the track for review.


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Written by SHAKEY


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