Yung Truth ft. Doughbeezy “Time 2 Lay ‘Em Down”


Yung Truth, MAC, & Doughbeezy


Yung Truth feat. Doughbeezy “Time 2 Lay Em Down” from Be EL Be on Vimeo.

Absolutely loved the quality of the footage and the editing. The raw feel of the locations, lighting and shots really compliment the song. I respect that both artists had the opportunity to shine in the video, without it feeling 2 separate videos. I hope whoever shot the footage didn’t get hurt falling to get those dope shots during the hooks!

Each rapper brought something dope to the track. The verses flowed so well. These men are talented and I can’t wait to see what else they can bring to the table. You sirs have my attention, show me what you got.



Written by SHAKEY


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