{Spotlight} The Come Up: @NessaSary88

Name: Vannessa Snell
Alias: NessaSary
Age: 23 (Jan 1st, 1988)
Hometown: Vero Beach, Fl
Twitter: @NesssaSary88

Shae asked NessaSary for a little background on herself; she replied:

{Born in Vero Beach Fl, I was the first girl born in the New Year 1988. My mother was in a small hometown band with my father at the time, so I was introduced to music EARLY. I have an older brother, Ricky, and a younger sister, Courtney, who are also VERY into anything musical. All throughout elementary school I was a very advanced student, and writing was my strongest attribute. I was placed in gifted classes in the 2nd grade, so my hunger for knowledge was fed. I began to excel in my advanced classes and I developed a very vast vocabulary. My way with words even then was unparalleled to any other student in my class. Naturally with book smarts, one develops a kind of witty, smart-allec way of speaking to people, so sometimes it got me in trouble at home, but at school it made me very popular with the teachers AND the students. Popularity was a trend for me even all throughout middle school and high school. But middle school is where I discovered my talent. At 11 years old I started to write rhymes and poems in my notebooks just for fun, then one day my brother asked me to rap a song that he wrote called “The Odd Couple” so that he could record it. From that day on I was hooked. I was determined to write my own songs, and all I wanted to do was get back in front of that mic. My name back then was “Nessa Lynn” and the lyrical content was age appropriate. I loved music before recording, but it was like an addiction after that. My brother is a DJ so he always had the latest music and tried to expose me to people and other artists alike. By the time I was a jr. in high school, everyone knew I could rap and I became bored with school. I was determined to get a record deal before I was 18, but my mother, Eileen, had other plans. She knew I was talented in not only rap, but art, and sports too, but she could care less because my grades were slipping. I was a very smart student, I just became lazy and detached from class and work. If it wasn’t a writing assignment or an art project, I could care less. Luckily I had teachers who knew my potential and I made up the work so that I could finish strong. I graduated with my class in 2006 with an average G.P.A. and college plans ahead. My mother was happy, but I was not. My goal of being a superstar at 18 was shattered. I became uninterested writing music, and decided to go full force with college. That was going okay but school interest slowed down as well once I had my two children Jakobe (3), and Summer (2). Once they were here I was focused on a full time job and money to support my family. My friends would always push me to try to go to the studio and write music again, but I was in a funk (excuse the pun) when it came to music. I thought it would be selfish of me to make my children suffer because I want to pursue a career in music when I just wanted to make them 100% comfortable and happy. But my feelings changed when my old friend and classmate from high school did what we BOTH set out to do. Her name is Pricilla Renea and she is now signed to a big record label and is currently working in the Rihanna camp. She co-wrote and did background vocals for Rihanna’s single “California King Bed” and she has released an album and had a single herself called “Dollhouse.” I was very proud of her, but at the same time a little upset with myself. We were both very artistic, talented, and self-driven, but along the way I lost sight of that dream we once both shared. She is prospering from her hard work in the industry, and I am at home wondering what could’ve been. She was my number one inspiration to get back on my feet and make my dreams come true. My number two inspiration was Nicki Minaj. I hated her when she came out! Let me clear this up… I respected her as an artist when I first heard her on Lil Wayne’s mixtape, but I instantly recognized that we sounded alike and I was crushed. I knew from then on I’d be compared to her, and till this day I feel like there is no other like me, but to the untrained ear I will be a “Nicki Minaj biter.” I couldn’t deal with that. But I love her work and I highly respect her as an artists to say the least. I’m a fan of Nicki, but I’m out to make her a fan of Nessa. So with the help of my close friends and family I’m on the road to making my dreams come true. My family is living very comfortably now, and I have nothing but time on my hands. My boyfriend, Shawn, doubles as my manager, and is very supportive of my dream. I try to write every day, I promote my YouTube videos on my Facebook and Twitter pages, and I’m constantly finding songs to RIP for my upcoming mixtape and YouTube Rapisodes. The once “Nessa Lynn” is now “NessaSary” and I’m here to show the world what I’ve been saying everyday since I started rapping, “I can be one of the greatest rappers in the game.”}

Nessa was brought to my attention by Sean and Shawn. I was linked to a couple of her “Rapisodes” on the YT. The videos are short but she RIPS in each one. Don’t let the pretty face fool you, the lady has madd wordplay! She’s coming for yall dudes, and I got money on her taking your spot. Definitely can’t wait until she releases some new material. Word on twitter is that she’s been in the lab recording, hopefully something original. I will stay on the look out and keep you guys posted.


Thanks Love for being apart of “The Come Up” segment. Your music & videos will always welcomed and supported on WhaChuShae.

“When you walk in they whisper WHACK…when I walk in they THUNDER CLAP & they bring it back like a snap-back!”NessaSary

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Written by SHAKEY


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