B!tch, Take Notes: Build Your Team

Why does everyone have this “I can make it on my own mentality”? Is it because you hear of the success stories of the Jay-Z’s or the new Billionaire Dr. Dre? (Congrats by the way) Why do you want to make it so bad on your own? Is there more gratification with solo efforts than there is with a cast of valuable members? Did you not get picked on your middle school kickball team? Or is it because you’re just selfish and can’t think of anyone but yourself? Do you feel as if your idols really did it alone? Michael Jordan had Scottie, Dennis, Steve, and Toni Kukoc (sixth man of the year recipient)


The answers to these questions will possibly be uncompleted and loaded with BULL…


Why not build a team? I’m guessing I don’t have to define group or team, we all should know those words by now. But some may not, so here it goes…


team |tēm|

noun [ treated as sing. or pl. ]

a group of people linked in a common purpose; work together.

group |gro͞op|

noun [ treated as sing. or pl. ]

a number of people or things that are together or in the same place; a number of people who are connected by some shared activity, interest, or quality.


Quiet down class, now that we all know our vocabulary for the week. Here’s your homework; build a team. One of like-minded individuals who have your common interests; A GROUP, (there goes that vocab word again) that shares your drive, passion, goals, and work ethic.


So there you have it. Easy right? WRONG
Most of you will get this wrong because your TEAM is going to be filled with people/friends who you might care for dearly but do not, I repeat, *clears throat* DO NOT want what you want. Or dare I say it, not care as much as you do. Does that mean do it alone? No. It just means your team should only be positioned with valuable members who can share a group goal. ‘Cause you probably think you’re the only one who wants for your best interest? This is also false. Let me break this down the simple way.

If you see a fight where it’s one on one, either side can win this fight. Now imagine the same fight but one of the fighters is alone (i.e. GOALS) and the other fighter (YOU DUMMY) has four partners. Now, all of the camera phone’s are out and the crowd is screaming WORLDSTAR while y’all are kicking this Goal’s ass. Well that was extreme but you get my point.


So now that you have your team the work is half way done right? Wrong again. Far from it actually, but trust the work will get easier. You now need to assign positions in your team. Make sure everyone knows their role and importance of it. So if you need to make everyone feel special establish titles. Bitches love titles.  Make sure everyone is on the same page. Balance out all workloads. Never place too many objectives on one team member’s task list. Create an equal work force environment. There should not be one boss, supervisor, or manager. But if there is one that the group appoints, allow that person to lead. But make sure the person is capable to do so. Also set timetables/deadlines for task. Schedule meetings and updates that the group can agree to. And for the leader, lead by example. Listen to all input. Remember a group of minds is usually better than just one. Unless you’re a rocket scientist or some shit.


Here is the part of the lesson in which can either make or break most groups. FINANCES. Yes the REAL “F” BOMB. If Broke Ass Bobby has $300 and needs to take care of supplies, He can:

  1. Pay for Ink,
  2. Pay for Ink and half of the paper
  3. Pay for half of the ink and half of the paper so he wont be broke.


The answer is probably C. Final answer C. But As a group, Broke Ass Bobby can pay for the paper, Cheapskate Cathy can buy the ink, Bad with money Barbara can take care of the printer, and Down Bad Danny can pay for shipping. Or you can total all cost up and divide by four either way you can solve this equation.  Because, unless you have that financial backing like most of you don’t, it’s best to split cost up. Oh yeah you will have cost. Ain’t Shit Free. One more time, Ain’t Shit Free. But lets say your group is on a roll and now have some type of income. Whether it be a small amount or that big bang split it equally. Or put it right back into achieving those goals. Don’t roll your eyes. Income is income small or large; it’s a plus. Remember Rome was not built over night. If I Eat, We All Eat. ‘Cause it’s the team that made it happen. It’s the team that made the goals a reality.

You will wait longer by yourself.

Written by Please Say The “D”…

Please Say The

Miami born, Miami bred, and when I die I will be Miami dead.