I Am The Plug… Back Doe Shawdy (@backdoeshawdy)

What’s up?  This your big homie Treez coming to you as THE MOTHERFUCKIN PLUG!!! As a new contributor to this site I figured y’all mufuckers needed a hook up man, and he is I and I is he.  This segment is where I hook up artists with listeners and clientele to product, I mean I’m bringing bitches to the beach my niggas (thank me later.) So as I’m going through submissions or just happen to hear something that I like I’m throwing that oop.  So without further adieu (that may be french don’t excuse it though) I’m plugging Back Doe Shawdy and his mixtape (can we just call these albums already?) “TRAP GAME CRAZY”


Ok let’s get this out the way… EVERYBODY RAPS… everybody got bars (let them tell it) your mom prolly got a mean 16 and your dad was trappin hard (effort and product? no? well…), selling shit out the trunk till he had to get real and feed y’all kids.  So it’s really not a question of if you’ll hear somebody’s music, it’s simply a matter of when, and that’s exactly what happened in this case. One night I just happened to click this because it looked like a performance and low and behold it didn’t suck.

That’s big people!!!  As a blogger who listens to submissions all the damn time, good music is a crap shoot. It’s always nice to stumble upon a gem. (Good trap rap is even harder to find these days.) Annnnnd that was it. There was a rapper doing a song that wasn’t bad I’d moved on but this is where persistence and campaigning goes a long way. RAPPERS TAKE NOTE!!!! Weeks later I get a message from Back Doe Shawdy, telling me to watch his video for “Trap Game Crazy.” I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HE RAPPED LET ALONE THAT THE VIDEO WAS HIM! I told him I would and asked where I could find his tape he gave me the info, and then, he thanked me!!! Now I’ve been approached by many artists and execs and music people but the humble people always stick out.  They more often than not are always the hungriest. The fact that he thanked me made me watch him and I was immediately rewarded. I got to witness somebody go from his first serious project to being arguably the biggest artist in his area. The project is really good. He reminds me of if Chuck D’s baritone met the new Atlanta sound. Check it.

Back Doe Shawdy is like a machine.  He’s done damn near every show and showcase in the area. He’s working when you’re sleeping.  Like he says in his song “It’s 4 O’Clock I’m up.” He’s constantly is posting his music in the non annoying way (if people don’t ask for your music don’t post it on their walls. TALK TO THEM FIRST.) He interacts with his fans on that new media level. It’s a super realistic approach to grassroots campaigning. I get the feeling that people are both watching and waiting for him to push through to the next stage in his music career. The thing is though HE’S BEEN OUT FOR LIKE FIVE MONTHS!!! When something is really good you consume it fast and want more I guess he falls into this category.  His trap game may have indeed been crazy but if it was anything like his campaign thus far it may have been too crazy. He’s jumped in feet first and has been running ever since.  If you want to see a realistic approach to grinding for a dream I invite you to follow this guy’s campaign. I’m giving y’all ground floor access to some new shit, THIS IS FREE BRICKS!!!! YOU’RE WELCOME!!!!!

Follow Him HERE ↓↓

IG: @back_doe_shawdy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/backdoeshawdyskuurt

Twitter: @backdoeshawdy


You can also find him on Spotify & Amazon as well.

Written by Treez


A renaissance rapper, music historian, and malt liquor connoisseur, if you can dig that.