Guess Who’s Back …

In the words of Too $hort “I can’t stay away, I’m ready to ride again. I could do it for the money, I’d rather do it for the fans!”

It’s been a while my Loves, but I’m back. Took a little break from this bloggin’ thing to gain a new perspective and remember WHY I started this site in the first place. To be totally honest the game became overwhelmingly shitty and played out. Just like I lost my faith in the mainstream industry I began to do the same with the blogosphere. During my hiatus I have gain my momentum back and revamped the site. I would like to point out and introduce some new shit to you.

Two new categories are now featured! News, Tha NuNU, & Commentary. These new sections will offer a more well rounded blog, check those out to see what new music may be dropping to tips on building your brand or following or just keeping up to date with announcements/ updates.

Along with the sections we also have a few new writers as well!!! Being that WCS is my baby, this was a very hard thing to do. But my taste and opinion is not the “end all be all” and I can’t continue to grow and reach my overall goal by myself. So without further adieu I introduce to you my TEAM….

Rashaund: An influential part of the “Mac Mob” for D-Mac, Rashaund has ear for talent. With his smart mouth and crass commentary, he is sure to piss you off but definitely make you think. After holding it seems like every job in the music industry, he has a lot to say and trust me, you’ll be lingering to every word! Oh and when you speak to him please, Please, PLEASE Say The “D“.

Keke: A fellow, soon to be, graduate of Full Sail University. She is in the process of obtaining her degree in Music Business. Currently managing a few artists, her ideas and work ethic will inspire and motivate you. So if you need some advice or you’re looking to learn a few things, keep a look out on her posts to the site.

Treez: A artist, writer, and producer. Previously signed to a major label, now independent artist, who will give his unique perspective on the game. I believe his experiences can be beneficial to anyone willing to work to reach their goals. He is currently working on a album with his group AOC IS THE GXNG, set to drop sometime in November. Keep a look out on his posts that will be as savage as he is.

**for full bio, pics and links to their posts, click the contributors link in the navigation bar

Every one of these contributors will bring something fresh to the table. Like myself, these individuals are strong minded and blunt. I have nothing but love and respect for all of them and I know with this team WCS will continue to grow and continue put these so called indie blogs to shame.

FuxXx Wit It!

Written by SHAKEY


A woman who is a lover of everything music related.