*MAJOR CONSIDERATIONS* Lupe Fiasco, Yo Gotti, Too $hort, & Oh Yeah Nicki Minaj

What’s poppin Wha Chu Shae? It’s your boy Trillmatic Treez here presenting you with some MAJOR LABEL things to consider.  I know. I know you’re thinking “Treez in all your sexy glorious fancy word smithy ways why would you give us major mainstream music to consider on an independent music site?” Well to put it simply children without a major music scene we wouldn’t have so much underground to tunnel through. In all seriousness we can make a creepy underground layer with all the submissions we get.  You guys are productive if nothing else.  So in an attempt to shine some sunlight on you pale, backpacking, boom bap, jazz, funk, souls I’m gone be throwing some quality radio music in the mix. I promise it’ll be pleasant.


First off I’d like to start with one of me and Shay’s favorite songs right now, “Errybody” by Yo Gotti.   Aside from the instrumental being crazy, and the tone of Gotti’s voice slurring perfectly on the track, the lyrics to this song are extra real. Rarely do we see a rapper examine (front) himself and so effortlessly flaunt on a track in the same song… “But who is me to talk about the next nigga out here flexin when I did it before And who is you to talk about this whip like it ain’t mine/ When you see a nigga in it with the top down?” It’s a conscious record its introspective about our culture. That’s dope!

Next Lupe Fiasco’s “Next To It” The hook is serious (Ty $ is not playing around) but Lupe’s word play and the every flowing stream of awareness, street sense, and realness make this song great.  CHECK THE FIASCO!!!!

Ok this here is a great example of a person who does what he does the best.  Too $hort “19,999” is a fun energetic record. Very simple Too $hort pimpin on the track. It’s a good time some times that’s all music needs to be.

Last but not least this is for your viewing pleasure… judging by the number of views you prolly already seen this but why not. “Anaconda” – Nicki Minaj if you prefer you can watch this with no sound.

Written by Treez


A renaissance rapper, music historian, and malt liquor connoisseur, if you can dig that.