Two Crowdsourcing Services You Need To Check Out’s Music Ops Board is used by nearly 100,000 music industry professionals when they need to find new artists and music. The Music Ops Board or MOB features movies and TV shows offering thousands to license new songs, record labels accepting demos, music festivals and major tours looking for openers, managers, agents and producers looking for new acts to represent and more.

Not only does Musicpage give artists the ability to send in their songs for consideration, each time you apply you receive feedback on your application so you know what they thought. If the music pro likes what you send in, Musicpage passes along your contact information so they can contact you directly.

This is a great way to get your band or songs in front of music pros who are actively looking for new artists or music, RIGHT NOW.

To check out all the paying music industry opportunities, visit the Music Ops Board at


logoOn July 17th 2013 The Music Licensing Directory officially launched a music crowdsourcing service where Music Supervisors, Advertising Agencies, Production Companies and Individuals who need music for any purpose can launch a contest and find music to license for their needs.

The Music Licensing Directory has rapidly built an extensive global community of artists, bands, labels, publishers, producers and composers. The new crowdsourcing platform allows anyone fast and simple access to this global community and an easy way to find both customized music and existing tracks to easily license for just about any purpose.

“Music Licensing can be a time consuming, expensive, daunting and complex process for anyone who needs to find good music for their specific purpose. By utilizing the reach of our global community of music providers, we have come up with a solution that allows for confidentiality, particularly for clients in advertising, whilst still maintaining a fast, simple and personalized service” said Music Licensing Directory CEO Winston Giles.


I encourage all artist, no matter what genre, to bookmark this website. There are “Opportunities” posted frequently you need to take advantage of them. Each one posted lets you know exactly what each Opp is looking for and how much they’re willing to pay to get what they need.


Get heard!!!

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