Disclaimer: I am in no way out to bash ANYONE who submits material for review on WCS. But, know that I will give my honest opinion. It’s up to you what you do with the feedback. I’m affiliated with many talented DJ’s and Producers so I’ve grown to REALLY appreciate and respect the production process. Being a lover of all things music related I pride myself on the fact that I’m tough on artists. I critique the quality because I want artists to be great. WCS was created to give indie artists UNBIASED commentary. I am a LOYAL supporter of good music and talented people, but real is REAL. Just because I may not like a submission doesn’t mean other readers, listeners or blogs will feel the same way. I can only speak MY truth and I will continue to do so. Once the review is posted do NOT disrespect me or my time by asking to have the post removed. If you can’t take constructive criticism I advise you NOT to fill out the form below. – Shae

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