A woman who is a lover of everything music related, but has lost her faith in the industry.
With a heavy heart and a pen Shae started out as a poet, but was too shy to share her work. In the words of THEE Goddess of Neo Soul, Erykah Badu; “I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my SH!T!” So she turned to writing ballads for local artists. She quickly became known for her “tough love” critiques and high standards in the QUALITY of music, and thus the creation of




He’s an asshole that you can’t help but love. He’s sarcastic, but you always know he’s telling the truth. He might not always be right, but he’s NEVER wrong.
His passions include hip hop, comedy, film, sports, and politics.




A renaissance rapper, music historian, and malt liquor connoisseur, if you can dig that. He likes ’em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Hatian but always one at a time. He heavily fux with the LP’s, EP’s, singles, and instrumentals of the boom bap, trap, and backpack varieties. His entire crew got college degrees and guns and have been known to flaunt both on occasion.

BFO We Strange – AOC is the Mufugging GXNG – Satchel the Magnificent on the Stoop – Treez the Trillmatic. Get down or drizzown, roll wit or get rolled over. LLTO





[Please Say The “D“]

There’s no one thing that defines him, but his passions for music, sports and the knowledge of his history have molded him to the man he is. For the past decade, music has been his life in some fashion; be it writing, managing or just a fan. Everyone should have an inner ratchet. It’s his job to help you appreciate it more. “Music is not just my passion, it’s been my life.”







She’s an individual that wears many hats; from photography, management to designing clothing. Growing up in a household where music put food on the table she chose that as an outlet to escape the madness of the world. While continuing to build her career as a successful manager, KeKe is determined to be one of the most respected in the game.


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